Casual Friday

Facing Casual Friday at work? Here are some ideas on what to wear

There is no denying that Casual Fridays are great for morale in a workplace. They create a sense of preparing for the weekend and give your employees the benefit of feeling that they are working in a relaxed and inviting environment.
Whilst the idea of Casual Friday is definitely positive in a workplace, it can cause you somewhat of a headache when you are trying to work out what to wear. You know that you are going to want to “dress down” but, how far can you take it? What type of things are acceptable to wear on Casual Friday without making it look like you have come to work in your PJ’s?
To help you out and make sure that you look your best, we have put together our guide on the best things to wear for Casual Friday!

Rock a bright jumper
At the moment the weather isn’t exactly warm and inviting, which means that a cosy jumper is the ideal place to start for a Casual Friday outfit. Of course a simple black knitted jumper is going to go with plenty of things, but if you want to look ultra-stylish, as well as make sure that you get noticed, then you may need to think about moving away from the dark and drab and instead go for something that is a little brighter.

Keep it simple with darker denim
The whole idea of Casual Friday is that you can wear clothes that you would probably wear on a more everyday basis at home and you can’t get more everyday than denim. You may worry that wearing a pair of jeans is taking Casual Friday a little too far, but you can still make jeans look appropriate for work.
The trick is to stay away from anything that is too ripped or too baggy. You can also go for denim that is a little darker in colour, as this tends to look smarter than lighter coloured denim.

Bring in a blazer
Blazers are pretty great to have in your wardrobe. Not only are they going to keep you relatively warm, but they are also incredibly stylish too. They come in a range of colours, styles and fabrics, which means that you can definitely find one that is going to fit in with your own personal sense of style. Blazers work really well with jeans, or even with a dress if you prefer. It is down to you to decide what you want to team your blazer with.

Ditch the heels
Are you someone who wears heels each and every day to work? If you are then Casual Friday is your chance to put them to the side and opt for a touch of comfort instead. The great thing about flat shoes is that they are not only comfortable, but they can be really stylish too; and they work really well with a range of outfits too.

As you can see, Casual Friday’s need not give you a headache. Simply think through your wardrobe and all the things that you have to wear; you may surprise yourself with the outfits that you can put together.

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