Dress It Up

Dress it up and choose some beautiful and stylish dresses

There is no denying that sometimes it feels great to dress up. This is especially true if you tend to spend most of your time in jeans or casual wear.
One of the easiest ways to dress up, particularly if you are heading out for the night, or you simply want to make a bit more of an effort is to pop a dress on. You may think that a dress is simply a dress; but the truth is that you may be surprised by the number of styles that you can get when you choose a dress.
To help you to figure out which dress is right for you; here are some of the main types that you can choose from.

Bodycon Dresses
If you are someone who likes to show off their curves and embrace their natural beauty; then you might want to consider a Bodycon Dress. These dresses are more suitable for a night out and are designed to be as tight-fitting as possible, hugging every inch of your body and making sure that they are shown off in all their glory!

Shirt Dresses
The great thing about shirt dresses is that they can be made to look casual or formal. They are usually loose fitting and come with a shirt collar and buttons. Some of these shirt dresses will be nipped in at the waist (which gives it a more formal look) whilst some are looser fitting and will look great with leggings and trainers.

Wrap Dresses
As the name suggests, a wrap dress will fasten with a tie, either at the waist or around the back. This style of dress is popular for many women as it is known to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. It does this by bringing in your waist and highlighting all your curves (even if you don’t have one naturally). Wrap dresses are also known to be incredibly slimming as a style.


Maxi Dresses
Definitely a dress that is designed for warmer weather; you will often get to wear a Maxi Dress during the summer months. Maxi Dresses come in a range of fabrics, however, in the most part, they are floaty in their nature rather than being close fitting and tight. Maxi Dresses look amazing with sandals and other flat shoes; although you can wear heels if you prefer or if you are wearing it to a more formal event.
The great thing about dresses is that they not only make you feel fabulous and floaty, but they are also designed to suit most sizes and shapes too. The trick is just to learn more about what style of dress is going to work with your body type. Once you find the perfect fit, then the time has come to hold your head high and work it the best that you can!

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