From Desk To Drinks

Feeling social? Take yourself from desk to drinks
Working is never easy; there are plenty of things to think about and that could cause you stress. However, whilst it might cause you a headache on a regular basis, one great thing about work is that it really helps with your social life.

It seems like there is always a reason to head out after work, which is good news for your social life. However, heading out after work means that you are going to need to either take an extra outfit to change into, or you choose something that is suitable for a day at work and a night out.

Want to make sure that you are as stylish as possible for both, we have put together our guide on taking yourself from desk to drinks.

A Pleated Skirt
We love pleated skirts, not only because they look amazing, but also because they are so versatile too. In fact, pleated skirts are ideal if you are looking for a way to move from day to evening with ease. In the day they can be worn with trainers and a simple jumper, but if you want to rock them during a few post work drinks, then switch the trainers for heels and take off the jumper to reveal a strappy cami underneath.

A Cardigan
Yes, you heard us right. Sometimes a cardigan can be a pretty stylish addition to any outfit. Especially if you go for a puff shoulder cardigan that is packed full of detail. You might not want to wear the cardigan during the day, but you could add it over the top of a pain top during the evening and completely transform something that you have been wearing all day, with just one additional item.

A Jumpsuit
Another great day to evening wear item has to be the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are ideal for a range of body types and they come in a range of styles and materials too. If you want to wear one to work during the day then you could always pop a cardigan or shirt over the top to dress it up. Then, when the time comes to clock off and head out, you can whip them off and unveil the amazing jumpsuit that you have on underneath.

A Blazer
You really shouldn’t underestimate just how much a blazer can bring to an outfit. In fact, if you are looking for a way to spruce up something that you have already worn to work during the day, then a great idea is to pop a blazer over the top of it. This works even better if you go for a blazer which is a bright colour, print or perhaps is sparkly in nature.

There is no better feeling after a long and stressful day then realising that you are heading out for a few drinks and a chance to let your hair down. Rather than worrying about packing yourself a whole new outfit to take you from desk to drinks, why not try out some of our looks instead?

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